Examination Prayer

English Meaning and significance

As examinations approach students are highly stressed. The followers of Hindu Dharma offer prayers to Saraswathi Mata to calm their mind and gain mental strength. We offer prayers to Saraswathi Mata so that she may assist in our capacity to absorb and memorise the study material for our examinations. Saraswathi Mata eliminates ignorance, is bestower of knowledge, is Goddess of education and is the source of all movement. Prayer in this instant, however, is not a substitute for studying and hard work.

When is this puja undertaken?

This prayer is generally done as examinations are about to start and may continue during the examination period. However, it is highly recommended that this prayer is done as often as possible.

How to Observe/Practice

After taking a bath in the morning, the student should focus their minds, firstly, on Lord Ganesh and Gauri, Lord Surya Narayan, Shiv-Parvathi and Saraswathi Mata. Offer some form of Prasad to the deities in the form of Mishri (sugar candy) or Naived (sour milk, sugar, honey & ghee) or fruits and request their blessing for the examination. Students may leave at alter their pens/pencils/books etc. when doing their Pratna/Poojas. Tamil speaking people may have slightly varied way of performing the examination prayer. The God lamp is washed and decorated with turmeric, kumgamum and flowers. An image of Goddess Sarasvathy/Photo (the Goddess of learning) is also washed and decorated with fresh flowers. Milk, fruit and coconut is offered. Other offerings may include sweet-rice and kadalai. It is also common practice to keep by the lamp books or any other study material. Prayer is offered to Lord Ganesha and the coconut is broken. A manthra is offered to Lord Ganesha. Thereafter, mantras are uttered in praise of Goddess Sarasvathy and worship offered to her.