SAHMS Anti-Corruption Petition

SAHMS Anti-Corruption Petition A common thread in Hindu scriptures (and indeed, in all faiths) is the call to fight for justice and righteousness, and corruption is a deviation from this path. Corruption is a pandemic in South Africa and is most prominent and entrenched in the sectors of government that are tasked with addressing [...]

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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a wave of fear and uncertainty to every single one of us. We have had to concede and adjust to “the new norm” for an undefined time period. Often we are left not knowing whom to turn to for support and assistance. While this global pandemic is [...]

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Adhik Maas

English meaning of the festival Adhika means "extra," and Maas means "month". The Adhika Maas is also referred to as Mala Maas and Puroshottama Maas. It is named Mala Maas because this month is as it were the dirt or refuse of time. Adhika Maas is said to be the month of [...]

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English meaning of the festival Purattasi is a Hindu festival celebrating the Hindu deity, Venkateswara. Purattasi is the name of the Tamil month. How the date is decided annually Purattasi is observed from mid-September to mid-October annually. Significance of the festival to Hinduism Since our physical body is prone to ailments and is [...]

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Mahalaya Paksham

English meaning of the festival The Sanskrit word Pitra refers to our immediate ancestors, departed relatives and friends, the earliest Rishis (sages) and God in all His aspects.  The observance of Mahalaya Paksha and Pitra Paksha, involves intense Bhakti to God, as does every Hindu Religious observance. In addition, devotees pray for [...]

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