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Press Release – Councillor Imraan Moosa, The AL Jamah Party

I hope this message finds you well. I have taken note of your statement that "Non-Muslims are waiting for guidance." While I appreciate your right to freedom of expression, I believe it's important to approach this topic from a different perspective that emphasizes humility and inclusiveness. Many people, in fact, lack knowledge about [...]

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The South African Hindu Maha Sabha flagship event – The Durban Diwali Festival will be celebrated on the 3rd, 4th and 5th November 2023 at the Suncoast Parking Site. Diwali is a time of great joy, peace and blessings. To the Hindu community Diwali signifies the triumph of righteousness over evil, the return [...]

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Saraswati Pooja

The last three days of Navaratri are dedicated to Mother Saraswati. The first of these three days (21 October 2023) is called Saraswati Avahana (welcoming Mother Saraswati), and the third day (23 October 2023) is called Saraswati Visarjan (taking leaving of Mother Saraswati). Historically, Tamil speaking Hindus preferred to observe Saraswati Pooja [...]

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Venkateshwara Brahmotsavam

English meaning of the festival Lord Venkateshwara or Lord Balaji is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and known to his devotees with many names – Lord of Seven Hills, Venkateshwara, Venkatesh, Balaji, Tirumalesha, Perumalla, Govinda, and Shrinivasa. How the date is decided annually Thiru Sundaramoorithi Guru Pooja is generally celebrated on Ekadashi [...]

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Panguni Uthiram

English meaning of the festival Panguni refers to last month in the Tamil calendar and Uthiram refers to Nakshatra or star that is ruling. It falls on the day the moon transits in the asterism or Nakshatra of Uttara-Phalguni or Uthiram in the twelfth month of the Tamil calendar i.e. Panguni. How the date [...]

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