SAHMS Anti-Corruption Petition

A common thread in Hindu scriptures (and indeed, in all faiths) is the call to fight for justice and righteousness, and corruption is a deviation from this path.

Corruption is a pandemic in South Africa and is most prominent and entrenched in the sectors of government that are tasked with addressing the basic needs of the poor, in areas such as housing, education, water provision and healthcare. Corruption is deepening the vast socio-economic cleavages endemic in the country caused by decades of state oppression and apartheid underdevelopment.

Ordinary citizens become victims and are left helpless, with the poor being the most disadvantaged. The public outrage associated with the looting of Covid-19 funds and resources is perhaps the final wake-up call for government and civil society.

The South African Hindu Maha Sabha supports the demands for accountability, transparency and consequences for Covid-19 corruption (and all other forms of malfeasance). Civil society and the faith sector have an important role to play in the fight against corruption.