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What is the Religious Forum Against COVID-19 (RFAC)?

We, as the Council of Muslim Theologians (Jamiatul Ulama South Africa), are part of the Religious Forum Against COVID-19.

We have collaborated with other faith groups throughout South Africa, so that together we can fight the spread of COVID-19.

Our aim is to encourage our congregations and the people of South Africa to get vaccinated and continue applying the COVID-19 precautions in their daily lives.

Interfaith Leaders represented include:

The Muslim Judicial Council

The South African Hindu Maha Sabha (SAHMS)

The Office of the Chief Rabbi of South Africa

Council of Muslim Theologians (Jamiatul Ulama South Africa)

The South African Council of Church (SACC)

The Evangelical Alliance of South Africa (TEASA)

Believers in Christ

Council of African Independent Churches

International Federation of Christian Churches

Nazareth Baptist Church (Shembe, Thembezinhle)

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


Together as the interfaith community, we launched a national campaign called #VaxuMzansi where we are working at getting 70% of the religious population and the communities we serve – fully vaccinated.

Our motive is to play an active role in ensuring an increase in the vaccine uptake and to aid in making vaccination sites easily accessible.

The COVID-19 vaccines offer a high level of protection and will assist in reducing your risk of severe illness, hospitalisation, and death. With the new variants C.1.2 and the recently discovered B.1.1.529 in South Africa, it is now more than ever imperative and beneficial to get vaccinated.

Be sure to also take your children who are 12 years old and older to get vaccinated, especially with Gauteng officially entering the fourth wave.


The Religious Forum Against COVID-19 (RFAC) Events

Our first VaxuMzansi event took place on 24 September at various sites which included the Rhema Bible Church in Johannesburg, Graceland Christian Family Church in Middleburg, New Dutch Reformed Church in Mpumalanga, and KwaZulu Natal Christian Council in Phoenix Settlement.

We are also passionate about providing vaccine training to ensure that all faith leaders are giving the right information about the COVID-19 vaccines. There are many myths about the COVID-19 vaccines, and it is for this reason we want our congregations to have the right information to make an informed decision about getting vaccinated.

Our most recent vaccine literacy and mobilization training took place in New Brighton, Qheberha in the Eastern Cape.

Register to get vaccinated

If you have not yet received your vaccination, don’t hesitate, register today!

Stay informed

We urge you to keep up-to-date with the latest developments on COVID-19, as this virus affects us all and is a threat to our health and well-being.

You can read through or listen to some of the most relevant COVID-19 information and articles on the vaccines here:


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Religious Forum Against COVID-19 (RFAC) blog articles

You can also find informative articles and read about the work the RFAC are doing
in striving towards getting our population vaccinated in our blog.


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Rise up and get vaccinated – VaxuMzansi

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