Covid 19- Regulations/guidelines for Temples and priests

The South African Hindu Maha Sabha welcomes the government's decision to open places of worship and the strict regulations that have to be followed. The declaration of the National Day of prayer against Covid-19 on Sunday 31 May 2020 coincides with the 108th anniversary of the establishment of the South African Hindu Maha Sabha.The [...]

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Daily Prayers

English Meaning and significance Daily prayers is said to be auspicious and sacred. It has the potential to give rise to a calm and a peaceful mind that will inspire us to be in a meditative state. Daily pooja is the simplest way to thank the supreme almighty for bestowing us with [...]

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Examination Prayer

English Meaning and significance As examinations approach students are highly stressed. The followers of Hindu Dharma offer prayers to Saraswathi Mata to calm their mind and gain mental strength. We offer prayers to Saraswathi Mata so that she may assist in our capacity to absorb and memorise the study material for our [...]

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Business Prayer

English Meaning and significance The business prayer is done before embarking on the new journey towards a successful business. Business prayer may also be done daily in the morning before the start of business. The prayer bestows success, wealth, health and prosperity. It also secures future and great stability. When is this [...]

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Car Prayer

English Meaning and significance Vaahan Puja is a prayer that Hindus (Tamil, Telugu, Hindi & Gujerati speaking) engage in upon acquiring a vehicle.  The prayer seeking the blessings of the Lord is meant to attract positive energy and to reduce the chances of accidents and other negative events.  An important principle in [...]

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