Business Prayer

English Meaning and significance

The business prayer is done before embarking on the new journey towards a successful business. Business prayer may also be done daily in the morning before the start of business. The prayer bestows success, wealth, health and prosperity. It also secures future and great stability.

When is this puja undertaken?                   

At the start of a new business. Generally a Priest will be consulted for auspicious day, date and time. Once the business has started, prayer should be done daily in the morning.

How to observe/conduct the puja

At the start of a business the services of a Priest may be obtained to conduct the prayer although those who are competent often conduct the puja on their own. The prayer procedure is: Ganesh Gauri, Kalas, Luxmi, Kuber Pooja and Havan to sanctify new business. The water from the Kalas is sprinkled in the business premises, Coconut is bust and water is also sprinkled. For daily morning prayer, a lamp should be lit followed by invocations to Ganesh, Vishnu and Luxmi.