The Absolute Law of Karma

Synopsis: The law of divine justice follows a mysterious course. In the world we come across many instances of virtuous persons undergoing endless suffering and pain; sinners perpetually enjoying pleasurable lives; indolents achieving success; hard-working persons meeting repeated failures; the wise suffering adversity; fools living in [...]

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101 Reasons Why I’m Vegetarian

Synopsis: This document is all about ethical choices. Once you are aware of these “reasons,” your conscience will never be able to ignore them, even if you never become a vegetarian. My “101 Reasons Why I’m a Vegetarian,” if you don’t already know, does not spare [...]

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Horoscope in Your Hands

Synopsis: It sounds strange but is true that every human life is influenced by the effects of planetary behavior, their good or bad placement, which type of affects they are receiving from other planets through their mutual placements or aspects. Favorable relations improve the quality of [...]

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Thirukkural With Meanings

Synopsis: Thirukkural is a precious gem among the classics, unique in the deliverance of code of conduct to the mankind to follow for all time to come. It enshrines in it 1330 couplets under 133 chapters, each chapter comprising 10 verses. The chapters again fall under [...]

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