Aani Uthiram (Siva Pooja)

English meaning of the festival Aani Uthiram is an auspicious day in the Tamil Month of Aani and is dedicated to Lord Nataraja (Shiva). How the date is decided annually The festival is also known as Aani Thirumanjanam and is observed on the Uthiram Nakshatra day in Aani Masam (June - July). [...]

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Thiru Manikavasagar Guru Pooja

English meaning of the festival Thiru Manikavasagar was a 9th-century Tamil poet who wrote Tiruvasakam, a book of Shaiva hymns. He was one of the main authors of Saivite Tirumurai, his work forms volume eight of the Tirumurai, the key religious text of Tamil language Shaiva Siddhanta. This day is dedicated to [...]

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SAHMS salutes all Fathers who love and care for their families and dear loved ones, this Father’s Day accept our sincere gratitude and love. From the beautiful Eastern philosophy of "Mataa Pitha Guru Dev" to the blessed Western concept of "Our Heavenly Father", we find a common firm association of reverence, love, [...]

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Vandalising of Temples

  04 June 2021 The SA Hindu Maha Sabha urges all temple organizations to be on high alert. There have been burglaries in three temples in the past week and priceless murthis and artefacts have been stolen and sacred spaces violated. Sadly, crime permeates all facets of life in South Africa, and places [...]

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