SAHMS salutes all Fathers who love and care for their families and dear loved ones, this Father’s Day accept our sincere gratitude and love.

From the beautiful Eastern philosophy of “Mataa Pitha Guru Dev” to the blessed Western concept of “Our Heavenly Father”, we find a common firm association of reverence, love, idolisation, adoration for and in our Fathers and Father~figures. Yes, mums are the graceful stabilizers in our families, but dads, please remember that in many homes, your positions is the elevated one, where children try their best to please you, to honour you and to make you proud of their achievements. The reverse too applies: how to handle their failures can either make or break them, regardless of age. Also, remember you are one of their first and most influential role models in their journey of life~long experiences. Our dearest fathers and father~figures, you have a special divine meaningful role in our lives; you are one of our earthly living Gods; you’ve taught us to cope in a world that is not always perfect.

This special FATHERS DAY allows us the opportunity to express our gratitude, but our love transcends time, distance, age. A HAPPY & BLESSED FATHERS DAY