Vandalising of Temples 

04 June 2021

The SA Hindu Maha Sabha urges all temple organizations to be on high alert. There have been burglaries in three temples in the past week and priceless murthis and artefacts have been stolen and sacred spaces violated. Sadly, crime permeates all facets of life in South Africa, and places of worship are not immune, and criminals are taking advantage of Covid lockdown conditions. The South African Hindu Maha Sabha appeals to all temple management committees to take all reasonable safety measures and to upgrade security if necessary. We request the SAPS to set up a special investigative unit to understand the modus operandi the thieves and especially the market for artefacts stolen from temples.

The SA Hindu Maha Sabha is offering a reward of R10000 to anyone who provides information which leads to a recovery of the stolen Murthis and a successful criminal prosecution.The South African Hindu Maha Sabha calls on all scrap dealers who are sold these sacred hindu relics to return them to SAHMS so that they can be restored to their temples.

Ashwin Trikamjee.

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