Definition of a ‘Housewife’: “A woman that plays multiple roles in the human race”

In this day and age a housewife has multiple roles and requires the many hands of Mother Durga to cope.

I am going to narrate my tale regarding my experiences together with the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic. The world has been turned upside down because of this viral pandemic.   What is the normal life?

Each and everyone’s lifestyle has been disrupted and in some cases, lives and livelihoods have been lost. How does one cope in these challenging times?

My normal life was shared between home and doing seva at our Temple, but since lockdown many changes have taken place. Not going out of the house and being indoors full-time, required drastic adjustments to be made, suitable to all family members. Firstly, getting up later than usual took a turning point in the day’s activities. It seemed the ‘rush’ was out and ‘Laxi-daisy’ set in.  Meal times varied, chores were performed with no rush, as lots more cropped up because the ‘once a week maid will not be coming’ and lots of eating began.  Here you are doing a full time job as a part-time chef. Fortunately, my daughter was home which was a huge helping hand.

As the lockdown proceeded, we were forced to postpone my daughter’s wedding.  Months of preparations were totally disrupted.  This caused many a huge strain as new preparations were put on hold because of the uncertain future. Financial recovery in some cases posed a huge burden.  What do you do? Where do you start? There was no solution as the virus had taken over the world and there is no sign of it going away.

Family life suddenly needed to adjust to this new norm.  Members were now all at home.  Some given the opportunity to work from home and some having lost their jobs.  People were spending days without any food to eat.   Violence against women and children increased.  Robberies and break-ins continued as people were in desperate need of money and food. Older members were strictly forbidden to go out.

Family values suddenly underwent drastic, positive changes. We were praying together. Eating together and above all spending time together. Why? No TV – No soapies! No sports! So plenty of time on hand.

On the flipside, weighless was thrown out of the window. The kitchen became the hub of activities as the Bakers ‘n Cakers took out age old recipes and started a competition. This was the best thing ever in the midst of the gloom. There was unity, love, laughter and above all the fervent hope of prayer which replaced everything else.

Time for meditation, yoga and reconnection to friends and families. Thank God for an on-line platform which made possible:  satsangs, bhajans, gymming and even a family prayer for a new-born baby. We share these experiences with everybody, in the knowledge that, yes, it is a time of contemplation, reflection and introspection. In this doom and gloom, we found a ray of hope.  Prayer is our salvation. Turning to God suddenly became the focus to protect us and find a solution to removing this virus.

Our only avenue of hope rests solely at the feet of the DIVINE. We needed His intervention to protect the Universe and all lives on earth. Only He can guide, protect us and find a solution to eradicate this virus.

I leave you with a few quotes to contemplate:

  • Life is short.
  • Death is sure.
  • Jobs are temporary.
  • Health is wealth
  • Tomorrow is not promised.
  • Eternity is at hand.
  • GOD is the SAVIOUR

Stay Safe, Be Blessed and Protected.

Article by Vashanti Jinabhai