Clare Estate Umgeni Hindu Crematorium Society Covid 2nd wave memorandum

 5 Jan 2021 

 Dear Priests, Pastors, Undertakers, Family Members and the General Public 

The Covid 2nd Wave is far more dangerous as evidenced by the higher number of deaths that we are currently experiencing. The stringent rules, regulations and laws are being enforced to protect our staff, your staff and the general public. The Covid 19 pandemic is spreading rapidly in the greater Metropolitan areas in S A. due to the higher population density as an urban area and the easing of Lockdown Regulations. We are witnessing a threefold increase in the number of reported Covid related deaths. 

As an essential service provider and an important role player, it is imperative that the Society take strict precautions to prevent the spread of the virus. It is mandatory to comply with protocols laid down by The Department of Health and it is important that the priests, pastors and general public observe these strict rules, regulations and Covid 19 Protocols when coming to the crematorium. Noncompliance will destabilize the smooth running of the crematorium and will affect our performance due to the increase in demand which we are currently experiencing. 

Our Adjusted Operating Hours and Operating Plan 

1. There are no paid hall bookings for Covid or Non Covid Funerals. The hall will be used for 30 minutes. 

2. The Society is running an extended two shift system commencing at 6 am till 10 pm. Covid Funerals are maximized because of the backlog in cases. For late evening cremations, the ashes can be collected the next morning. 

3. Covid funerals are done early in the morning and late in the evening to maintain the maximum number of mourners to 20 per funeral and to avoid various virus transmission risks. 

4. The arrangements for Covid Funerals are done with the Office Staff Only in liaison with the Undertakers. 

5. All necessary paperwork and fees must be in readiness before cremation. 


7. All Non Covid funerals will be conducted in Hall One or Hall Two or Three for a period of 30 minutes with a maximum of 35 people during the stipulated times available after the Covid funerals are done in the morning. 

8. Undertakers must arrive only 15 minutes before the funeral to avoid traffic congestion. 

Thank you for your cooperation. 

TH Kassie 

Hon. Secretary: Clare Estate Umgeni Hindu Crematorium Society 

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