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Chitra Paruvam

English meaning of the festival Chittirai refers to a month in the Tamil calendar and Paruvam refers to the phase of the moon. Chitra Paruvam is a combination of the name of the month and the phase of the moon. The full moon in the Tamil month of Chittirai is called Chitra [...]

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Hanuman Jayanti

English meaning of the festival The word Jayanti is made up of Jaya which means victory and Anta which means end. Jayanti refers to one who triumps in the end. Hanuman Jayanti is the day on which Hanuman is celebrated since he is the one who stands victorious despite all the odds. [...]

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Sri Ram Naumee

English meaning of the festival Rama refers to the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and Naumee means nine. Rama Naumee refers to the ninth day in the month of Chaitra when the appearance of Lord Rama is celebrated. How the date is decided annually Rama Navami falls on the ninth day of the [...]

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Ramayana Week

How the date is decided annually Ramayana Week starts on the day of Hindi/Telugu New Year and continues until one day before Rama Naumee (generally lasts 8 days/nights) Significance of the festival to Hinduism Devotees engage in Ramayana recital, singing of bhajans and kirtans and listening to discourses/stories on the Ramcharitmanas of [...]

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Ugadhi (Telugu New Year)

English meaning of the festival Ugadi/Yugadi (in Telugu) means New Year. Yugadi is derived from the Sanskrit words Yuga (age) and Aadi (beginning). Yugadi therefore means the beginning of a new age. How the date is decided annually Ugadi is celebrated on the first day of the month of Chaithramu (March/April) in [...]

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English meaning of the festival Makar refers to the star sign Capricorn while Sankranti means transition/passing of sun from one zodiac sign to another. Makar Sankranti heralds the end of winter and the arrival of spring throughout the Northern Hemisphere. How the date is decided annually Makara Sankranti is a solar event [...]

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Clare Estate Umgeni Hindu Crematorium Society Covid 2nd wave memorandum

 5 Jan 2021   Dear Priests, Pastors, Undertakers, Family Members and the General Public  The Covid 2nd Wave is far more dangerous as evidenced by the higher number of deaths that we are currently experiencing. The stringent rules, regulations and laws are being enforced to protect our staff, your staff and the general [...]

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SAHMS Newsletter Vol 1 Issue 3

SAHMS Newsletter Vol 1 Issue 3 Covid-19 Pandemic In spite of the many months since the declaration of the Covid-19 Pandemic, we continue to be affected by the ongoing struggle against this virus. There are worrying signs that we have now entered a “second wave” as the number of infections begin to rise exponentially: [...]

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