Thirunavukarasar Guru Pooja

English meaning of the festival
Thirunavukarasar means King of Tongue. Lord Shiva gave Thirunavukarasar this name. Lord Shiva was pleased with the devotional songs that Thirunavukarasar sang. This day is dedicated to Thirunavukarasar as the Guru.

How the date is decided annually
Thirunavukarasar Guru Pooja is celebrated in the month of Chittirai when the Satyam star rules.

Significance of the festival to Hinduism
A Guru dispels darkness or one who is the giver of light. The Guru turns a person’s soul towards light. The Guru is God manifesting in a personal form to guide the aspirant. Thirunavukarasar Guru led a life of high moral principles and is considered an embodiment of DHARMA for the disciple to emulate. Thirunavukarasar Guru Pooja is the celebration of such a Guru.

How to observe/practice
The day is observed in prayer, sathsang, and listening to discourses. Those who can visit their Gurus to show their respect and appreciation and receive the Guru’s blessings