Gujarati New Year

English meaning of the festival

The New Year is also referred to as Bestu Varas.

How the date is decided annually

Gujarati New Year is celebrated a day after Deepavali/Diwali.

Significance of the festival to Hinduism

The Guajarati New Year day is celebrated with great enthusiasm and zeal. It signifies a new start to the year. People celebrate to attract newer opportunities and to seek growth in their lives.

How to observe/practice

Homes are decorated with lights and flowers. People also visit Temples to pray for a promising start to the year. This is also when businesspersons and traders close old account books and start new account books. This is called Chopda in Guajarati. The Chopda Pooja is performed in the presence of Goddess Luxmi. Delicious sweets and snacks are distributed among family and friends.

Updated: 25 January 2023